The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) launched the Creative Tech Lab Trinidad & Tobago (CTL TT). This initiative, powered by Banj, aims to connect creatives and developers and stimulate innovation and creativity that will lead them to the creation of digital products dedicated to offer new online experiences of the Trinidad & Tobago carnival.
Carnival is one of the key pillars of Trinidad and Tobago’s economy. It is estimated that the 2016 total carnival visitor expenditure was approximately 51 million USD. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to have a severe impact on this industry. The Prime Minister of T&T recently announced that carnival 2021 has been canceled. It is with this challenge in mind that the Creative Tech Lab will focus on the challenge of making online Carnival experiences available all year long to foster the digital economy while respecting restrictions due to COVID- 19.
The Creative Tech Lab Trinidad & Tobago (CTL TT) is seeking software developers interested in forming teams in collaboration with creatives to create solutions that could help offering a set of fun and sustainable TT carnival experiences available online all year long.
The general public is invited to submit their inputs to CTL TT by completing a survey to help the participants of the Lab better understand how to shape online experiences for an online version of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.


Developers: Anyone who has experiences in software development in fields including Blockchain, enhanced Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Age or gender does not matter. Youths and women are encouraged to apply.
Creatives: A shortlist of 20 creatives selected by Cariri, IDB and Banj that consists of highest- level influencers that represent the current carnival, creative and tech ecosystem in Trinidad and Tobago that committed to being available and to contribute to the challenge and support the results that will come out of it. These creatives are champions that will be piloting the creation of the first series of Virtual TT Carnival products to the world by serving as speakers, judges, trainers and mentors to help guide the work of the developers during the Creative Tech Lab.
General Audience: Anyone interested in filing a 3 minute survey to provide insights into TT carnival that can help better frame the products that will come out of the CTL TT.


The Creative Tech Lab TT will be held from March 22nd, 2021 to June 30th, 2021 online starting with an official launch with the creatives and developers. The purpose is to start the process of creating teams of developers and to continue to inspire them on potential products they could focus on creating. First, the developers and creatives and influencers will be in one room together, then distributed into rounds of Zoom Rooms with smaller numbers of people for more direct ways to connect and share.
After the networking day, a set of online live training sessions will be presented by selected experts or the Creative Dream team to make sure every participant and the public is equipped with the right set of technical tools and knowledge to engage in building successful businesses in the creative world leveraging technology to take the TT carnival online.
Participation is based on interest but each participant is required to attend at least 4 workshops. After 2 days of online training, selected technologists will have 48 hours to submit their project ideas and team list with 3 people to continue engaging with the program. The 5 most endorsed teams will be selected for the build days (Prototype construction) Mid May 2021 and will end with a closing event in June 2021 during which the teams will share their prototypes with the public. These prototypes will then be made available on the CTL TT website that will become a platform for the general public to come enjoy unique experiences of the TT carnival online.
The deadline for submitting applications and/or to fill the survey is April 15th, 2021 at 11:59 PM (AST)
The Creative Tech Lab Trinidad & Tobago is not a competition betweens participants but aims for collaboration, visibility and the creation of solutions that can elevate the TT Carnival experience online. This initiative will allow participants to :
  • Enrich the creative industry in Trinidad and Tobago, while exploring the application of new technologies;
  • Leverage the workshops to gain in knowledge and advise to properly conceptualize and evaluate their creative ideas while gaining visibility on the local and international market;
  • Create meaningful connections with champion creatives and other developers with the common motivation to advance the carnival industry in Trinidad and Tobago

Selection process

Eligibility criteria
  • Be a citizen of an IDB member country (see
  • Ability to be available online and in person when needed during the month of April to work with technologists and participate in all activities of the Workshop program.
  • Must be passionate about the idea of taking the TT Carnival online and be willing to provide some of their time and network to support the projects that will come out of the Lab beyond the timeframe of the workshop.
  • Must be passionate in supporting the creation of a virtual carnival experience for Trinidad and Tobago
  • Must fill out the application form which requires:
    • Online link(s) to previous projects you created or worked on
    • Online link to personal website or CV outlining your work
    • A Statement of Interest and ideas on how to contribute to elevate the carnival experience of TT by taking it online.
    • At least two years of experience in software development
    • Must have experience working with languages such as Java, PHP, Python, R or Ruby
  • Technologists should apply as individuals.
  • Age or gender does not matter. Youths and women are encouraged to apply!

Key Dates

March 22nd 2021
March 22nd 2021
Opening of Applications
April 15th 2021
April 15th 2021
Closing of Applications
May 1st
May 1st
Online networking for Creatives and Developers
May 2nd; May 3rd
May 2nd; May 3rd
Panel Discussion Series
May 5th; May 6th; May 7th
May 5th; May 6th; May 7th
May 17th; May 18th
May 17th; May 18th
Build Days
May 20th
May 20th
Pitch Workshops
June 1st
June 1st
Closing Event


The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) is a widely recognized centre of excellence owned by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. They are dedicated to the industrial and economic development of the region by becoming a national and regional focal point for technology and innovation while playing a leadership role in providing value added technological solutions to the manufacturing and service sectors as well as public sector entities, designed to enhance efficiency, competitiveness and viability, foster new business creation, improve the quality of life and promote sustainable economic development. CARIRI houses multimillion dollar, modern laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained specialist professionals, technologists, technicians, consultants and researchers and have thus been able to provide solutions to Caribbean industries, businesses and small entrepreneurs, while making great strides in keeping the environment safe.
BANJ is a coworking space, entrepreneurship hub and business accelerator powered by Google in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It's the go-to place for networking and growing tech startups. Banj strengthens the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the capital by connecting and offering modern workspaces capable of stimulating creativity and creating results-oriented conditions to entrepreneurs from all social backgrounds wishing to increase their visibility and take their entrepreneurial journey to the next level. Banj offers a set of quality events, acceleration and business innovation programs to accelerate learning and exchanges in Haiti and with the rest of the world through local and international partnerships.



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